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Print. Expand All. Share Facebook Twitter. Photographing Specimens with G. Although incomplete, the scrapbooks provide fairly comprehensive coverage of the gallery's history and include material on day-to-day events at the gallery as well as important occasions such as the gallery's fortieth, fiftieth and sixtieth anniversaries, news of the art world in general and some photographs.

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Some of the scrapbooks also contain printed material related to art, exhibitions and events elsewhere. Many of the exhibition catalogs found here are annotated with prices and other notes. Notably missing is the catalog for the exhibition, The Eight. Arrangement: As some of the dates of the scrapbooks overlap, they were ed for clarity. The scrapbook cover for 3 is housed in Boxand the contents are housed in Box While an attempt has been made to establish the accuracy of the information provided here, dates and titles of exhibitions are not guaranteed to be accurate.

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The list is annotated with AAA microfilm reel and frame s to assist researchers in locating material on specific exhibitions. Scrapbook 1, Dec. Ranger NMc1: Feb. Artz NMc1: Feb. Davies NMc1: Mar. Minor NMc1: Apr. Davies NMc1: Jan. Reaser NMc1: Feb. Rosenberg NMc1: Feb. Prendergast NMc1: Nov. Davies NMc1: Nov. Scrapbook 3, Feb. Martin, NMc1: 27 Jan.

Davis NMc1: Mar. Davies, William J. Davis, N. NMc1: Mar. Lucas NMc1: Dec. Luis Mora NMc1: Feb. Hawthorne NMc1: Mar. Waugh NMc1: Mar. Ryder NMc1: Apr. Luks NMc1: Apr. Scrapbook 5, Nov. Hawthorne NMc2: Nov. McComas NMc2: Dec. Snell NMc2: Feb. Ballard Williams NMc2: Mar. Groll, Leonard Ochtman, Chauncey F. Frieseke NMc2: Jan. Woodwell NMc2: Mar. Davies NMc2: 71, 76 Apr. Miller NMc2: Apr. Wiggins NMc2: Jan. Hawthorne NMc2:Jan. Frieseke NMc2: Mar. Rehn, N.

NMc2: Mar. Campbell NMc2:Oct. Dreier NMc2: Oct. Benson NMc2: Jan. Frieseke, Childe Hassam, Willard L. Metcalf, Kenneth H. Miller, J. Alden Weir NMc2:Jan. Davis, Daniel Garber, Richard E. Miller, Chauncey F. Waugh NMc2:Mar. Boronda NMc2: Feb.

Sewell NMc2: Feb. Wiggins NMc2: Feb. Carlson NMc2:Jan. Church NMc2:Feb. Davis, Paul Dougherty, Kenneth H. Ashley NMc2: Oct. Kopman and J. Block NMc2: Dec. Hawthorne NMc2: Feb. Davis, Richard E. Ryder NMc2: Mar. Andrew's Golf Links by William R. Frieseke, Nancy M. Davis, Ben Foster, Willard L. Metcalf NMc2:Apr. Coman NMc2: Apr. Alden Weir NMc2: Oct. Twachtman NMc2: Jan. Davis, Frederick C. Frieseke, Richard E.

Miller NMc2: Mar. Benson and Willard L. Metcalf NMc2: Nov.

Chat roulette Shaqar Rud

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