Chubby guy for love

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Good news for chubby, husky, and straight-up fat guys.

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A growing body of research suggests that women are attracted to men who err on the side of overweight. In fact, women love fat guys due to a of reasons grounded in science, ranging from the assumed trustworthiness of fat guys to increased sexual stamina that extra pounds bring.

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Women are into dating fat guys. But why do girls like fat guys?

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What about the additional pounds catches their fancy? Here are five reasons why woman love fat guys, as explained by science. So whether or not those extra pounds translate to a sense of humor, women are likely to assume that fat guys are funny. Chubby guys are better in bed, according to a survey of 2, British women. Thirty-eight percent reported that overweight or plus-size men were superior lovers. Men with noticeable bellies and higher BMIs last 7. This study found that skinny politicians are less trustworthy too, compared to their chubby counterparts.

These findings make a solid case for Democratic presidential candidates eating more carbs, and why women might be into husky men. Sure, trustworthiness is not exactly the same thing as attractiveness, but it definitely adds to the appeal of chubby men.

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Being a fat guy indicated you were well off. Although modern women are more likely to be attracted to money than foodold habits die hard. According to the Metro. Chubby men have plenty of science-backed reasons to be optimistic about their dating prospects right now. Now, go on, get out there. Please try again. Give us a little more information and we'll give you a lot more relevant content. Your child's birthday or due date.

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Chubby guy for love

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