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Companionship care provides companionship and friendship at a time when it is most needed, aiming to reduce or prevent loneliness in a person who might otherwise become isolated. Varying from several hours a day to just a few hours a week, it can have a huge impact on the day-to-day outlook and positivity of someone who would otherwise be totally alone.

As well as offering friendship, a companionship care assistant could help you or your friend or relative master the difficulties of modern life, including:.

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Accessibility Options. Combat loneliness with companionship care. What is companionship care? Social interaction can make all the difference, and when someone feels surrounded by people who value and support them they feel happier and more confident. When someone has reduced mobility or other disabilities social interaction becomes even more important. Improving quality of life Our companionship support also extends to adults and younger people. At Caremark we understand that having someone around to help or to chat to is key for people of all ages. We can find the perfect companion for those looking for this kind of support.

Loneliness can happen to anyone Loneliness has many impacts and can be caused by a of reasons, from losing a loved one or lifelong friend, and becoming less physically able to get out and about or do the things you enjoy, to losing the social contact and enjoyment you used to get from work.

Living with mental or physical health issues can also increase your risk of becoming lonely.

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And it doesn't discriminate While older people are more vulnerable to social isolation, younger people are also at risk, especially if mobility problems get in the way of taking part in activities and going out. Loneliness doesn't discriminate and can happen to anyone. When loneliness does strike it can occur in a vicious cycle, leading to detachment from society and difficulties getting back to connecting and interacting.

Demographically men over the age of 60 are far more likely to suffer from loneliness and they are also the least likely to seek help. A friend to spend time with or someone you can ask for a bit of help with modern life? There are a multitude of reasons you or your loved one might be considering companionship care. A companionship carer could take you or your loved one out, give a bit of extra support around the home, or just share a cuppa and a chat. Running errands Jobs that you or your loved one used to do so easily can become a huge challenge to achieve but with a friendly companion there for extra support, picking up your pension or going to the post office suddenly becomes manageable again.

Hobbies and social activities There are plenty of clubs and day centres all over the UK that bring like-minded people together for hobbies, social occasions and health activities. Keeping up with social activities and hobbies can make all the difference to someone with depression or loneliness.

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A companionship carer could attend clubs and groups with you and help you feel human and enjoy your life. Help at home Sometimes the amount you or your loved one needs to do at home just to keep up with life is all too much.

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A companionship care assistant could support and assist with daily tasks and chores - providing an extra pair of hands and a friend to chat to at the same time. Helping with the challenges of modern life As well as offering friendship, a companionship care assistant could help you or your friend or relative master the difficulties of modern life, including: using a mobile phone, TV remote control or computer paying bills and understanding financial documents getting funding advice or help with claiming benefits.

Our companionship care assistants provide emotional and physical support where necessary and aim to ensure quality of life is as high as possible.

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. Aside from all this our companionship carers are great people, with excellent people skills.

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For more information about our training programme Familiarity and friendship We want you or your loved one to build familiarity and friendship with your carer and we go above and beyond to match our companionship care assistants with clients that have similar interests and hobbies.

Having a regular companion to help with errands, hobbies and activities ultimately le to a great relationship being developed and that goes a long way to helping combat loneliness.

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It changed so much and it was the little things I missed like our weekly trips to the shops. My daughter does so much but has her own family and busy life to lead. When she got in touch with Caremark they were able to do so much to help fill in the gaps and combat the loneliness I was feeling. I now have Sid, a fun companionship carer who loves chess just as much as me and comes to my weekly club with me. I still miss my wife so much but Sid takes my mind off it for a little but each week. How much does companionship care cost?

In a few circumstances companionship care can be funded. Your loved one should also have a needs assessment, which is organised through their local council so extra support can be arranged if appropriate. Financial assessment If you or your loved one are found to need support, your local council will carry out a financial assessment to discover what you can afford to pay. If you are eligible for financial support to pay for companionship care, your local council can arrange these services for you or you can choose to receive direct payments and arrange companionship care privately.

You may qualify for funding and it's possible that you or your family member may not need to pay anything at all. Visit our Guide to Financing section for further information or get in touch with the team at your local office by filling out the form at the bottom to receive a personalised quote Direct payments Caremark can accept direct payments for companionship care.

Please contact your local office here for further information about how this works Funding from charities and funds There are a few grants, funds and charities that may be able to help with funding to pay for companionship care.

Age UK have put together this helpful guide to paying for home care. Would you like further information about our companionship care? Your local Caremark team will be in touch to discuss your needs and guide you through your options. Are you looking for Care Support in the Home? If you have any questions, simply complete the form below and we will respond back to you personally.

Thank you for your enquiry we will be in touch shortly. Who is the care enquiry for? Please tick the box before subscribing.

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Yes, I would like to hear from you about your services, news and updates.

Companionship and or help

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