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The Judiciary Square map contains all the collector's items and treasures you can find in Judiciary Square. With our Division 2 game guide, you'll know exactly where to go and what to look for! All chests marked as Minor Loot may have valuable crafting materials for creating equipment. This chapter is especially useful for people who don't know the terrain yet - this map will help you find out where to search for valuable items. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. The Division 2 Guide. Game guide. Judiciary Square.

Table of Contents. Artwork - Upstairs inside the building. Use some scaffolding on 6th St NW to climb up. Follow the path around the building, climb up again using some yellow cloth, and enter the window immediately on your left. Echo - Inside the building. You can enter from the alley. Echo - Downstairs, in the middle of the room near some vending machines. Echo - On the roof. Look up from the street, and you'll see something that looks like a rappel line anchor above the archway. Shoot it to let the rope down and climb up.

Comms - On the rooftop. Climb up on a van from the east, and then climb up a ladder to reach this area. Comms - In the alley, behind a padlocked fence. Comms - In a room just off the alley - on a desk. Comms - Enter through the alleyway and climb a rope in the back room. Approach from the east side, through a narrow alley. Then climb one ladder, followed by another ladder to get here. Comms - On some crates in the corner by a fence. Crate is hanging from some scaffolding. Gear Airdrop Crate - On the side of the building. You'll need to go through a padlocked gate and up 2 ladders.

Weapon Crate - Against the wall in the room with lots of mannequins. Weapon Crate - just inside the building - behind the reception desk. Weapon Crate - On the rooftop. Weapon Crate - Underground. In a small room off the lower level of the large hall. Weapon Crate - Just up a ladder in the alley. Gear Crate. Gear crate - In the alley behind a padlocked fence. Gear Crate - Behind a padlocked fence in the alley.

Gear Crate - Underground. In the small room with the red lights. Gear Crate - In the alley behind a padlocked fence. Gear Crate - inside the building.

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Gear Crate - Inside the garage. You need to lift up the garage shutters to enter. Gear Crate - In the alley - behind a padlocked fence.

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Gear Crate - In the laundry room. Crafting Materials - among the scaffolding. Crafting Materials - On top of the scaffolding. Food Crate - beside the entrance to the underground. Food Crate - underground, near the plants at the entrance. Safe House. Underground Entrance. Control Point. Enlarge this map. The Division 2 Guide Game guide. Gameplay basics. Tips Crafting Interface Colors around the character level Microtransactions Recalibration Good item sets for start Which skills are the best for healing?

Faction keys - what is it? How to install mods? Special ammo, what weapons can use it? Where to find photos? Where can I look my collectibles?

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How to zoom with my scope? How to personalize my clan? How to activate challenges? How to unlock specializations? How to deal with enemies?

The Division 2 - The Cinderblock - Control Point - Judiciary Square

Does The Division 2 offer crossplay? The Division 2 have a season pass? How to gain experience quickly?

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How to unlock Bounties? How to quickly get crafting materials? How to unlock the Dark Zones? How to unlock a Clan? How to change the hairstyle? Can you play in single player mode? How to reset a mission? Disassemble, sell, or donate items How to unlock abilities? How to level-up solo? Does The Division 2 have matchmaking? Does The Division 2 have PvP modes?

Which skills to choose at the beginning? How does the co-op mode work? Weapon perks Armor perks Item sets. Dark Zones. Unlocking and development Survivalist Demolitionist Sharpshooter. Conflict - PvP modes. Skirmish and Domination. Additional Activities. The Base of Operations and Settlements. White House Quartermaster Settlements Projects. Controls System requirements Graphics options Game Editions.

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