Fuck buddies in Olafsvik

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Welcome to SavingIceland. If you are new to our site you can begin with having a quick look at the About Us section and then read the S. Iceland Under Threat shows the wilderness we need to protect and the corporations bent on ruining it. Make sure to enjoy our video and photo galleries, our in-depth magazine Voices of the Wilderness and follow our Twitter feed to keep up to date.

And last but not least get some answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Without the aluminum smelter in east iceland the area would have died in a matter of years. Is what is really saving Iceland. NOT you stupid hippies. So why dont you all just wander off and get stoned with other hippies. Preferebly on the moon, or even better mars…. Very impressive. What can I do to help save Iceland?

What can I do? What you can do to help us? Just leave us alone!!!!!! We are all happy to get the aluminium smelters, that gives us work and new options and a better life! We got new shops, new swimming-pools, new sport-houses, for these jobs people get in the factory there are two times more jobs that are coming all around to service these people. I have been there 2 years ago and it is nothing going on there.

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That would provide jobs, but maybe there are other things to also think about? Alcoa is building tanks, missiles and jets with the alu produced there, so it might as well have been a weapons factory. And what will happen in 40 years when the contract is done, and the town has become completely dependent on alumininium, ALCOA goes and you will be in a ghost town.

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With all respect there are no outsiders when it comes to issues like these, Iceland does not belong to you nor does it belong to me, these smelters and dams destroy precious natural resources in order to produce weapons and profit from death. It is well known that there is an overall labor shortage in Iceland, and that many people come there from Europe to do seasonal work every year—is that not an option for anyone in the east?

It may be that the Northeast of Iceland is not a viable place for thousands of people to live, it might be a viable place for many hundreds of people to live, as they have for centuries, fishing and trading, but why should it support so many people? In this country similar regions are emptying out, why?

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It would do us all good to have a long term view on this. Hi Savitri, Thanks for your support, hope you are well, lovely to hear from you and great you are following the site! You should be shamed!!!!

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Have you people lived there??? Go home and mind your own buisness!! Jobs, progress and a safe environment. Is it legal to threaten physical violence in a public forum? Or maybe he is immune to prosecution because of mental defects. As his use of his real name clearly demonstrates. I must admit, however, that it would be entertaining to see an 18 year old junk food junkie try to administer the beating of a lifetime to wilderness hardened vegan activists!

Sorry, but we have a lot bigger problems here on Iceland right now towering over your views on Mother Nature. I read a comment where you stated you were caring and intelligent.

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Well, from my viewpoint you are degrading the hard working Icelandic people who are now struggling to keep their jobs. And then you come and try to destroy their possibilities of a safe job and the well-being of their families.

That, to me, is neither intelligent nor caring. I would just like to know where ya got those cars from , grew them from hemp did ya ,? For the three-year period from toAlcoa paid an effective tax rate of only Name required. Mail will not be published required. Admin Saving Iceland Saving Iceland. July 14, at Elvis Presley says:. Darragha says:.

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July 18, at July 19, at Mary Shelly says:. July 20, at Jaap says:. Pall Jens Reynisson says:. Captain Tobias Hume says:. July 21, at Real Icelander says:. July 22, at Mr Godfrey: I have a question related to this t Not onl The government is legalising and extending this infamous spycop's criminal actions.

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And you could be a victim.

Fuck buddies in Olafsvik

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