I want a nasty woman

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Ask A Feminist is our regular column tackling issues on sexism and womanhood in a real-life, 21st century context. This week, Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, manterrupted Hillary Clinton, mid sentence, to refer to her as "such a nasty woman". Here, Ask a Feminist editor Harriet Hall, has composed a fool-proof, 9-step guide to becoming a true 'nasty woman' yourself, to avoid any future confusion.

Which is probably true, when you consider that one hella nasty woman might be on the verge of smashing the most impenetrable glass ceiling in the world, and make it into the Oval Office.

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: Why it's time to take a stand against Bitchy Resting Face. This time, Hillary Clinton had her turn. Speaking during the third and final debate against Donald Trump in Las Vegas, Clinton put forth her proposal to raise taxes for higher earners and quipped that Trump had ly avoided paying his.

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It all revolves around the calling-out of bullshit, and stepping out of your woman box. Proper 'good girls' let these things go, but it takes a really ' nasty' woman to prevent men from grabbing her genitals. Nothing is 'nastier' in a woman than success. Any woman who thinks she deserves a seat around the boardroom table is, quite frankly, 'horrid'.

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Ambition in a woman is nauseating. If you fail, you can always pull out your Woman Card. Of course, a man should always wear the trousers in any relationship — a woman doing so would be beyond the realms of 'nasty'. We mean literally, wear a pair of trousers. We recommend a pair just wide enough to conceal that you might actually be a woman underneath them. Any opinion will do.

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If you ever have an opinion that conflicts with the opinion of a member of the male species — even if said male is a dog — your 'nastiness' levels will soar sky high. But, we think a woman is 'nasty' if she either denies or accepts when she has done wrong. For those wanting to be considered 'good', we recommend never putting a foot out of line. Finally, and most importantly.

You must make history.

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Fight for change, be the first woman to achieve something thousands of years after men have done the same, and generally turn your nose up at flagrant misogyny. Only then will you truly be a 'nasty woman'.

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: Michelle Obama slams Trump in impassioned speech. in. They say well-behaved women seldom make history.

I want a nasty woman

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Nasty woman