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We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on thiswe may earn a small commission. Ever had your kid or dog saunter into the room with one of your sex toys in hand or mouth in front of company? We believe pleasure is a fundamental aspect of a safe and healthy sex life. We tapped a couple of experts and looked at user reviews to find toys for all that are inconspicuous, quiet, AND able to do their job, which is getting you off. Cute as they are, most are more novelty than pleasure. To spare your clit and not give your sexy little secret away, here are sneaky toys that keep pleasure at the forefront.

Obii is made of soft and squishy body-safe silicone, making it a dream to maneuver over your clit and other erogenous zones. Reviewers say sucks in the best way possible and vibrates, so it definitely ticks all the external pleasure boxes. Buy the Biird Obii online. We fully support going on a bender if the end result is an orgasm and no regrets.

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It features 10 vibration speeds and patterns, measures a satisfying 7. Buy the Unbound Bender online. Vesper is a hands-down-legs-up favorite among sex toy connoisseurs and experts, like Searah Deysach, longtime sex educator and owner of pleasure shop Early to Bed. Buy the Crave Vesper online. The pleasure canal of 6 penetrable inches is made of life-like SuperSkin with varying widths and textures for all the feels. Buy the Fleshlight Flight Pilot online. Sarah Melancon, PhD, sociologist and clinical sexologist with The Sex Toy Collectiveoffered up the Lovense Max 2 as her pick for discreet toys for penis owners because it kind of looks like a water bottle.

Buy the Lovense Max 2 online. The Tor 2 cock ring may be made for twofer fun, but get a little crafty and you can double the fun even when playing solo. The stretchy ring can be slipped over your D or a couple of fingers so you can share the love with all your sensitive spots.

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As a cock ring, you can wear it with the stimulator up or down to mix things up while you get handy. Buy the Lelo Tor 2 online. Nothing to see here — just a glass Hello Kitty butt plug that can pass for a whimsical knicknack on your nightstand or do double duty as a super cute paper weight.

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It has the traditional butt plug teardrop shape but, left lying on its side, the glass and adorbs Hello Kitty rhinestone medallion on the flared base are unlikely to blow your cover. No vagina?

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No problem! Think: nips, tits, taint, etc. These are just too darn pretty to be dirty — or so others will think should you forget to stash them. These budget-friendly anal be are made of smooth and shiny stainless steel with a sapphire blue gemstone on the flared base. Good looks aside, this toy slides in smooth — front or back — and is good for beginners and seasoned butt players, according to reviews. For the dozens of other spots on your body just ripe for sexy stim, here are three discreet toys that can get you revved up from head to toe.

Let the good times roll solo or with a partner as you explore every inch with the vibrating wheel. If the mood strikes, you can take the party inside with the wand end for vaginal or anal penetration. The intensity is controlled by the amount of pressure you use, so your pleasure is totally in your hands. Its small size makes it easy to use during partner playtoo. Buy the Zumio online. Buy the Unbound Palma online. Discreet toys can take some of the stress out of sneaking! Adrienne Santos-Longhurst is a Canada-based freelance writer and author who has written extensively on all things health and lifestyle for more than a decade.

These sex toys allow that O to be solo or partnered — even…. Nothing halts pleasure quite like pressure. We called on three experts and asked them to share…. Subspace is the trance-like state some experience during BDSM play. It's different for everyone, but many describe it as feeling light, floaty, or….

Remember car sex? Recapturing some of that horny teen spirit as an adult with a little more wisdom and our super-hot tips can actually make for a…. Here's how to prepare. Menstrual cups aren't dangerous and do not pose any risks when used correctly. Here's what you need to know to weigh your options for menstrual…. Medically reviewed by Janet Brito, Ph. Criteria and cost For vulva owners For penis owners For anal For erogenous zones Bottom line Share on Pinterest We include products we think are useful for our readers.

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For vulva owners. For penis owners. For anal play. For other erogenous play. The bottom line. Read this next. How to Use a Vibrator Solo or with a Partner.

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Looking for sensual discreet

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