Nice guy looking for a bad girl

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T oday's lesson is less of a learning tool and more of a wake up call to nice guys who end up with bad girls who are not good people. If you suspect the girl you're dating meets any of the criteria listed below then read this immediately! How to decide if she's right for you.

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You'll be shown things from a different perspective so you can fully understand what's going on - hopefully to give you ALL the power and drive you need to escape this madness you found yourself in. You're this "nice" guy who feels you don't have any real choices with girls in your life. By chance, "good" luck remaining to be seen, you meet this girl you are extremely attracted to and she is totally into YOU.

Except right away there are problems with your relationship.

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You begin to realize there are lots of things about her you just don't like and it's making you extremely uncomfortable. She uses you to do things for her even as simple as getting her a drink in the middle of the night by rudely demanding you to do just get it already. You've never had a women like this before and you're not going to give her up just because she lacks any control of her own life. She's on a kick of never-ending bullshit and taking you down with her but you stick around because somewhere in the back of your mind, you feel you can never get a woman as hot as her. Deeper and deeper you fall and with each passing day your feelings grow for her even though you know for a fact It's who I am.

If people don't like me for who I am, then fuck 'em. I'm not going to change for anyone! She has no control of her life but manages to find some poor guy to pick up the pieces of the trash she leaves in her wake. She stumbles through life seemingly unaware that the path of destruction she makes is her fault, and since men will always want her, chooses to do nothing about overcoming her "character" flaws.

It's NOT okay to deal with her bullshit just because she looks good and is willing to have sex with you. Sure she may cling on to the next fool that comes her way. The next dude willing to deal with her bullshit but then she becomes HIS problem. If you're thinking that's just the way she is and you feel bad that her life has turned out so badly then that is all you should feel. Sure she might have had a fucked up childhood and doctors have always put her on medicine giving her an excuse for living on the edge, but that should NEVER dictate how you run YOUR life.

You're are NOT her psychologist or therapist and by acting that way certainly means you're not allowed to date her let alone enter a relationship with her. A kind gentlemen wrote out some questions you can answer to help you decide if she's actually right for you. I wrote out your answers already to push you in the right direction.

Hopefully by the time we're done today you'll now exactly if you should stick around or completely REMOVE her from your life. Truth is - I get tired of hearing about bad boys getting all the women and nice guys being left single, alone, or left to settle with women they don't really like so Today it's time to consider the unthinkable, or what too many people seem to overlook - there are BAD GIRLS too and if you find yourself in a relationship with one of them - keep reading.

Will it actually be better off or will she take your stable lifestyle and turn it into something Jerry Springer would be interested in buying your story? Or will she just find new opportunities for more drama and eventually you'll be stuck with only her so-called friends? Think about when the relationship ends and you've given up your friends for hers because that's the way she wanted it and then you're stuck with no one. If she's going to push away the good people you already have in your life, then seriously consider where that's going to leave you.

If you're afraid to introduce her to your friends - then it's not just a maybe she's not right for you - it's a fact you might be overlooking. Seeing her naked times or having lots of sex with her doesn't seem bad on the surface but Your feelings come second and she'll be more likely to use sex as a bargaining tool to control you. When the next problem comes along and you're left picking up the broken pieces behind her If you can believe for one minute that you can't have fun without her OR you'll never find another woman you can enjoy being together then you're sadly mistaken.

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She's not making your life more fulfilling or rewarding, she's just making it more complicated and padding it with MORE things which need fixing. BUT you had the freedom to change all that and now you don't because she's in control of your life.

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It's a fair reasonable assumption that you still feel alone even when you're with her. You still feel lonely once in a while. AND it still sucks on occasion. The ONLY things that has probably changed is that you get laid once in a while, when she wants it The only people in your life that should actually NEED you are the seriously handicapped who need your assistance, perhaps an unfortunate dying relative or friend, OR your children.

If feeling needed is something you desire, if it's something you seriously want to feel then go do some real charitable work. Bad girls have serious character flaws. It IS what makes them typically bad. The point of this post implies you are overlooking these flaws because you might not feel you can do better. Keep this in mind - the longer you stay with this girl - the more she'll make you feel like you can't do any better than her because that suits her motives.

You can not overlook her serious character flaws for too long because eventually those same flaws - will affect you negatively.

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Figure out why you're weighing all her bad against what you are getting out of this relationship and you'll see things for what they really are. If you find yourself constantly looking at other couples hoping and wishing you had that kind of stability in your life - then it's certainly time to get out. You've settled for looks over quality and that's a huge red flag that you're a needy guy and she's using that to control you.

Being Single is Just as Good!

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Men who are weak and needy rarely find themselves with high quality stable women. BUT just learning to use "the power of NO" can, when used for good, make you a more masculine choice for women. Turning her down and breaking it off does NOT have to leave you alone and bitter. If you're with a bad girl, or even if you're considering letting one ruin your life just because she's hot and seems to be into you Learning about attraction and getting some new skills will mean more women will life Don't settle or put up with a bad girl just for the sex or a belief that you can't do any better because I think you can!

You only need to believe it yourself, don't put up with bad behavior, realize there are plenty of good girls out there for you and remain strong enough to never let a bad one take advantage of you or make you believe she's the only for you. Are You Qualifying Her? Just because she's a female does not grant her automatic "niceness" just the same as just because you're a male does not mean you're inherently bad.

Here's something a little extra to help you out from the awesome dude who wrote the questions about:. In other words, you keep breaking up with women or getting broken up with BY them but history keeps repeating itself. Separately, of course… in different parts of the city they lived in, and as yet unknown to each other. Subscribe With Confidence! No Spam Policy! It totally transformed the way I deal with women and it has really worked. You have my utmost gratitude. So why should attracting women be any different?

Does She Like You? You'll be shown how staying in the relationship is bad. Let's begin You can't explain why but you go with it because you just can't resist. She's in control. She calls and you follow her everywhere.

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She shows you a life you've never seen before but then suddenly it hits you. She drinks way too much. She causes drama where ever she goes. But you think to yourself The sex is great. And now you're trapped in this awful relationship. She's one of those BAD girls. She seems to have way too much confidence and it always comes out with the words of, "I can't help it. Well guess what man I'm here to tell you that it's NOT okay to stay with this woman. I'm here to tell you that you CAN do better.

If you're thinking that you can change her, you are sadly mistaken. You CAN show her empathy.

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It's okay and a human thing to do. You settled with this "bad" girl and she is the wrong person for you.

Måneskin - I Wanna Be Your Slave (Lyrics)

There is an easy way to find out if you settled for the wrong woman. Answer the right questions and make the right decision How do you feel about introducing her to your friends? Imagine you have already seen her naked times and had sex with her about as often.

Nice guy looking for a bad girl

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