Seeking a smart cookie

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One of the most difficult challenges I have been hearing about of late is managing really smart people. Innovating companies unquestionably need the best people they can find, and are looking to hire the most intelligent, creative, and talented people possible.

By contrast, the focus here is about how a manager can deal with more-intelligent, more-experienced, and more-skilled subordinates.

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Each of these is tough to deal with by itself, but the full set can be daunting! Yet, there are a of effective strategies that managers can use for handling these challenges. Termination is not a good option. First of all, turnover is expensive!


All the costs of hiring, onboarding, and training add up to a ificant sum, so it is far more worthwhile to learn how to manage someone effectively than it is to replace the person. Recession notwithstanding not to mention the many errors companies make in seeking talentsmart cookies are always in demand, and they are not a dime a dozen. If you find a smart cookie, keep it! Managing means providing tasks, goals, and resources, along with project integration, coordination, and timelines. When you delegate tasks, remember that you are also delegating responsibility. As such, give your smart cookies all the freedom you can see below so that they can mobilize their capabilities in the ways they finds most effective.

Correct and coach as necessary. This is not a threat to my authority! When managing smart cookies, this is the mantra. When your smart cookie challenges you, start by remembering that you are the one with the authority, and that s he is not threatening that in any way and probably has no desire to do so! Ultimately, you may need to override the challenge, but there are easy ways to do so see below. Handle challenges quickly. If you are in those circumstances, take two minutes rest assured, you have them!

Getting good out of challenges. Give smart cookies room to shine. As much as possible, provide your smart cookie with the leeway to pursue a goal as s he sees fit. This kind of front-loading prevents people from bugging you throughout the project to get clarification on specs.

Thus, as much as possible, give smart cookies a desired end-result, answer their front-loaded clarifying questions, and then step back and prepare to be wowed. You are the coordinator.

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Even though smart cookies may have superior know-how about the actual doing, you have the coordination and integration skills. Just as you need to respect their capabilities, they need to respect your integration and coordination needs. Remind them of this as necessary, but remember that they are not in your position, and do not have your perspective. It is your job as the manager to know what stakeholders need and can handle, and you may need to remind your smart cookie to respect your knowledge and experience in that realm be as gentle with reminders as you would like them to be with their challenges — it sets the tone!

Managing is not about fairness; it is about coordination and flexibility. This is one of the hardest lessons for managers to learn, and also one of the hardest to articulate. This holds double when it comes to things like company policy. Consider this: many policies come about because some exceptional idiot did something irresponsibleand now everyone is pd to be similarly idiotic.

Especially with your smart cookies, the latter assumption is a bad one. Having smart cookies work for you is good for your ego. Call it an indecorous truth if you must, but having smart cookies in your employ is an ego-booster. After all, it means you are awesome enough that top talent wants to work for you, you are clever enough to identify and hire top talent, and you have the top-notch management skills to keep top talent and enable it to produce great works. This piece was originally posted in the Front End of Innovation blog.

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Seeking a smart cookie

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