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There are many different types of relationships: there are open relationships and codependent relationships. And there are FWB relationships friends with benefits. There is more to Sugar Daddies and Babies then a name. Of course, pampering and companionship are broad terms, and for good reason.

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But while the terms of the relationship can change, the general concept remains the same: SDs and SBs offer each other something in exchange for something else. Many question the ethical implications of such courtships and wonder how Sugar Babies differ prostitutes. And Daddies their clients. They meet, exchange funds, and participate in some sort of physical act and [then] part ways.

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Typically, this is a one time occurrence. A job. There are real connections and real possibilities at romance, something that is not in the realm of possibility with an escort or prostitute. Not sure what I mean?

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Consider the relationships of infamous playboys Hugh Hefner, John F. Kennedy, and Charlie Sheen. Of course, this type of relationship is not for everyone — and that's okay. The beauty of relationships is that they can be varied and unique.

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Let's Talk Sugar: Married Daddies

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What is an SD/SB Relationship?