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Two people rarely have the exact same sex drive. One person might be happy with daily sex, another with monthly. Besides differences in basic libido, life events illness, job stress, childcare can cause a desire discrepancy in couples. A large desire discrepancy will eventually cause conflict, likely eroding other aspects of the relationship as well. That is, we need to have five times as much positive feeling and behavior with our partners as negative.

For an amusing illustration of what goes wrong in many relationships, check out this performance by Flight of the Conchords. And when couples rarely touch, embrace, or kiss except as a prelude to the bedroom, passion can dry up altogether. Touching your partner several times a day allows closeness and intimacy to grow in a natural way. Sometimes partners are exhausted, sleepy, or just planning to go to bed with a book; they would enjoy physical closeness, but sex is the last thing on their minds.

Sometimes the lower-drive partner pulls away, avoiding opportunities for physical closeness cuddling on the sofa, kissing, or spooning in bed in the morning —or even creates additional distance, for example by making critical comments. Over time, the higher drive partner will make fewer gestures of closeness out of frustration and feelings of rejection. Another consideration is that partners must still be sensitive to appropriate moments for non-sexual touching.

While the partner with a higher sex drive has a responsibility, so does the lower-libido partner. If partners with higher sex drives start feeling unappreciated, they may drift away and start getting sexual needs met outside of their relationships through online activities, finding sex in other venues, or beginning an affair, without having exactly intended to slide into infidelity.

Eye contact is also very important. I confess that when I was in the thick of raising our twins and working many hours a week, that I neglected to notice that my husband had shaved his mustache. That was a wake-up call for me. And we work in the same office! Of course, while non-sexual touching is important to help create intimacy, so is sex!

In my next post, I talk about romance and how to re-ignite it after years of neglect. Susan J. The examples given here are composites, and we have invented all the names and identifying information. Any resulting resemblance to people is entirely coincidental and unintentional. We are d clinical psychologists practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our posts do not reflect professional advice. Interaction with us via the blog does not constitute a professional therapeutic relationship. We do not assume liability for damage or injury resulting from your decision to interact with our website.

This has happened to me so many times! I am going to show this article to my husband. Yeah, it really makes me think about how my wife and I need to touch each other more. Thanks for the reminder!

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I could have written this article myself. For years I pulled away because my husband was busy living a single life while I raised our 4 children. This resulted in me building up tremendous resentment which in turn translated into distance between us in the bedroom. He ended up having an affair. However 4 years of counselling and we are better than ever. I still struggle with his affections simply because there is no non sexual touch. And so sometimes I avoid access to them, if you will, simply because I know exactly where it will end up. He has the softest hands and his love language is obviously physical touch.

But sometimes I would love it if he would leave me wanting more instead.

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Deanna, I am glad you and your husband worked it out. It is such a common issue for women who would love more touch in their relationship yet avoid it because they may not want sex. You make an important point, that of leaving you wanting more. A true reflection of my current state. As a husband I try to do everything possible and also express my emotions through physical intimacy but my wife for some reason does not reciprocate. Have taken a printout of this document and is planning to share it with her. Hopefully she realizes. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Question for Nara: Did things change when you showed her the printout? His response? It was too painful! A great article, Susan. The endless focus on sex in our society today has robbed people of a crucial piece of advice that sustains relationships: non-sexual touching. My ex-wife suggested that I google this topic because we are having a go at it one last time.

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After reading everything in this article I realize that I should have been doing this a long time ago. Thank you for the help. I broke down crying when I read this. This is exactly how my only long-term relationship dissolved. And I know now what I need from relationships in the future.

Thank you so much. In fact, in a post on non-sexual touch, I admit to a time when our twins were young, we were both working a lot, and I failed to notice […].

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